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Hardwood Flooring Design & Installation

Jerry’s Dust Free Flooring is a family-owned and operated flooring company serving the Chicagoland area. We’re passionate about hardwood flooring, and pride ourselves in having the best people, the best tools, the best results for your home. That’s why we provide high-quality, professional hardwood floor installation services near Chicago.

All of our jobs are completed in-house by our experienced and skilled flooring contractors. For years, we’ve been doing what we love here at Jerry’s Dust Free Flooring – providing homeowners in Northeast Illinois with the highest quality hardwood flooring services at affordable prices. If you’ve been looking for a classic, beautiful way to bring out the character in your home, contact Jerry’s about hardwood flooring installation. We’ll help bring out the best in your Chicagoland home— contact us today to get started!

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Have questions about our services or installation processes? Explore our F.A.Q. today to find answers to your questions.

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Hardwood Flooring Installation

Jerry's Dust Free Flooring is proud to offer professional hardwood floor installation services to transform your Chicago area home. Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians ensures a seamless and efficient installation process, leaving you with a beautiful and durable hardwood floor that will enhance the aesthetics of your space and you can enjoy for years to come. We’re passionate about hardwood, so we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, guaranteeing that your new hardwood floor will be installed with the highest level of skill and precision.

With Jerry's Dust Free Flooring, you can trust that your hardwood floor installation will be completed on time and within budget, giving you peace of mind and a stunning new addition to your home. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards upgrading your living space with a new hardwood floor!

Hardwood Flooring Services

In addition to installation services, Jerry's Dust Free Flooring offers professional hardwood floor services for all your flooring needs. Whether you need staining or sanding, refinishing, or restoration, the Jerry’s team of experts is here to provide you with exceptional service and high-quality results. We understand the importance of a beautiful and durable hardwood floor, and we’re always striving to exceed expectations.

With our state-of-the-art dust-free system, we ensure a clean and efficient process that minimizes any disruption to your home or routine. Count on our pros at Jerry's Dust Free Flooring for all your hardwood floor needs and let us help you create the beautiful and timeless space you've always envisioned.

Hardwood Installation F.A.Q.

1. How long does it take to install a new hardwood floor?

The time it takes to install a new hardwood floor depends on various factors, including the size of the space, the type of hardwood flooring chosen, and any additional services required, such as removing old flooring or leveling the subfloor. On average, installation can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. Our team at Jerry's Dust Free Flooring will provide you with an estimated timeline based on your specific project.

2. Can hardwood floors be installed in any room of the house?

Hardwood floors can be installed in most rooms of the house, including living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and even kitchens. However, it is important to consider factors such as moisture levels and subfloor conditions. For example, solid hardwood may not be suitable for areas with high moisture, such as bathrooms. In such cases, engineered hardwood or other moisture-resistant flooring options may be recommended.

3. How do I maintain and care for my new hardwood floor?

Proper maintenance is crucial for preserving the beauty and longevity of your hardwood floor. It is important to regularly sweep or vacuum to remove dirt and debris that can scratch the surface. Spills should be cleaned up immediately to prevent staining or warping. Using protective pads on furniture legs and avoiding high heels or heavy shoes can also prevent scratches. Additionally, it is recommended to periodically apply a hardwood floor cleaner or polish to keep the surface looking its best. Our team at Jerry's Dust Free Flooring can provide you with detailed care instructions specific to your hardwood flooring type.

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