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Flooring is what we do and what we love. We have been in the flooring business for over three decades and have sourced, installed, repaired, and refinished countless floors. The trade has been handed down through generations, with each generation growing and expanding the business. The next generation is learning the ropes now and we hope to continue this tradition for many more generations to come. We are known for our excellent workmanship and on-schedule project completion. This reputation has been built up through years of hard work and dependability, which are traits that have allowed us to build up a loyal client base. In fact, almost a quarter of our projects are made up of repeat client business. We are very proud of this achievement, which is no easy feat in the home improvement sector. Knowing that our clients receive the best in quality flooring and confirm their complete satisfaction, is what drives us every day.

A quality, professionally done floor can have a huge influence on a room. As new flooring tends to be a significant investment, we understand that homeowners expect good quality flooring that will stand the test of time. Deciding on which flooring you want for your home takes time and thorough research to make sure the material you choose is right for your home. Making use of a qualified and experienced floor contractor is equally as important as the quality of material used. We look forward to assisting you with your next home improvement project.

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Hardwood Floor Services

We are passionate about flooring. In essence we specialize in hardwood flooring, both refinishing and restoration of these magnificent floors. But our services certainly do not end there. We take care of vinyl, laminate, bamboo, parquet, and laminate wood flooring, just to name a few. Hardwood flooring that has seen plenty of traffic through the years and has experienced its fair share of wear and tear can regain much of its former luster by refinishing them. Our claim to fame pivots on this type of service, the repair and refinishing of older hardwood floors. We will make your old hardwood floors shine like new, through a thorough hardwood floor refinishing process. In recent years solid hardwood flooring has become harder to come by and has seen a sharp increase in pricing.

More and more people opt for alternative flooring options that are beautiful, durable, and affordable. Our services have expanded through time, and we can provide our valued clients with a wide variety of flooring options. If it has to do with flooring, we can assist. Not only do we deliver expert craftsmanship, but our friendly team is always ready to assist you with practical tips and advice. Flooring has the ability to influence your home’s overall interior design and character, so make it count. Our knowledgeable staff will gladly help you pick the right flooring for your home or office. Our customer service is top notch which includes adhering to deadlines and staying within the projected budget. Put us to the test to deliver flooring excellence.

Meet the Owner

Growing up, my father taught me everything there is to know about hardwood floors. I was taught how to refinish hardwood flooring when we still did everything by hand. That time so many homes had hardwood flooring and I got plenty of practice. Times have changed, and specialized machinery is what we now make use of. This enables us to produce results that would have made my father beam with pride. When the time came, I took over the business from my father. I wanted to keep his legacy intact and worked hard to not only keep the reputation he built up over the years, but also expand on it. Our growth over recent years is testament to my and my team’s dedication to deliver flooring excellence, in combination with great customer service.

Our reputation of providing the best in precision flooring proceeds us both locally and much further afield, which makes me tremendously proud. Myself and my staff adhere to a clearly defined work ethic, based on values that my father introduced into the company many years ago. My son is now learning everything there is to know about flooring, especially hardwood flooring. He has been involved from an early age and has developed the same passion for flooring as his old man and his grandfather before that. His time will come to take over the business as a third-generation artisan. Talk to us about all your flooring requirements and browse our portfolio to see more past and present flooring projects.

Why Choose Jerry's Dust Free Flooring

When you choose Jerry’s for your hardwood floor refinishing or restoration, you’re choosing the family-owned experts with a long-standing reputation for excellence.

Our experienced and professional hardwood flooring contractors will treat your home with the utmost respect and do the very best work available.

  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Reputation for Excellence
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Dust-Free Sanding Process
  • Premium Hardwood Selection

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